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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Excessive Medicines - Need or a Risk

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The tendency of prescribing needless medicine by the doctors for patients has become more common. The doctors prescribe such kind of medicine to the patients which they don’t need in some circumstances. The situation shows some alarming sings that these excessive medicines may create some serious threat to life such as paralysis, effecting by a severe infection, kidneys failure etc. It’s a general belief that doctor often prescribes medicines after evaluating a patient’s symptoms history and according to the body requirement.
But sometimes in real life these perceptions are not correct, according to the Daily Mail’s report every year only in UK millions of medicines have been prescribed by the doctor to a hundred thousand of the people which were not only unnecessary but futile for them. This trend amongst the doctors is producing heavy burden for economy as well as dangerous threats for the life of the people.
Some of the prescript medicines are below which are creating massive losses for life and are being advised by the doctors without limitation.
It is a usual practice of the doctors to prescribe Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medicines which are used to treat stomach ulcers and Pectoral irritation. These medicines are also advised to prevent gastric side effects to those patients that they have been used Diclofenac medicine for the treating of joint pain. Previous year only in UK several million of prescription of PPI medicines had been advised to the patient which were not only unnecessary and these were the major cause to enhance the risk of fatal clostridium difficle bacteria’s attack. 

These medicines also stop the absorption of Calcium into the body consequently the chances of fracturing bones and osteoporoses are increased rapidly. If these medicines are used by the ICU patient, the chances of effecting Pneumonia are raised. It has been approved by the research at least 70% of this type of prescriptions have been advised without any reason except a very few number of people having Peptic or Duodenal problem.      
Another medicine Prochloperazine is advised to the old age patient having complaint of dizziness. This medicine should be advised for a short term. If a person is used this medicine for a long term consequently the symptom of Parkinson may occurred. Another observation is that the doctors advise the single medicine to a patient for a number of times without evaluating whether this medicine is providing relief or not and when would be the time comes for dropping this medicine.
The medicines ‘Non-steroidal Anti inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) are advised to prevent pain for the patient of arthritis or joint pain without evaluating. According to the scientific survey these medicine are creating trouble for stomach and enhance the risk of stomach ulcer. These medicines destroy the production of chemical liquid ‘Prostaglandin” which is the responsible element to protect the stomach internal wall. According to expert about 2000 people are targeted by the severe heart attack and osteoporoses in UK just because of this medicine. Now it has been emphasized to the doctors to decrease the level of advising this kind of medicine. In an essential condition they should advise having lesser complication’s medicine such as Naproxen and Ibuprofen.
Social Factors
The massive development of social sector in bigger economies is also a major cause of grooming excessive medicine prescript trend. Mostly bigger companies are provided huge health facilities to their employees on account of health sector through directly or engaging insurance companies. This trend is encouraging the doctors to prescribe heavy bundle of medicine which are essential or not. Also huge quantity of tests is also suggested by the doctor on the basis of health facilities which are allocating by the organizations.  
Another reason behind this tendency is that people don’t bother to bring changes in their routine life and depend on doctor and medicine. 


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