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Friday, 23 September 2011

How to find out that Smart Car really consumes less fuel?

Friday, 23 September 2011

Smart car is usually considered a tiny or a toy vehicle in size but if you find out its durability, economical fuel consumption, there is no match. On these qualities and eye-catching designs, Smart cars have already captured a largest automobile market’s share within a short period. 

As you know that with the passing of each day the fuel prices are going to highest level in a quicker way, furthermore another factor - political uncertainty in oil producing countries, hence these mounted prices have swallowed to the middle class society. They are not able to afford a big car with heavy fuel and maintenance expenses. So in this prevailing situation the need of the Smart car has become more significant.

Smart cars are specially designed on basis of lesser fuel consumption. An assumption is found amongst the people that smart cars don’t provide better results as compare to a big car, while Smart cars have already gained the big market share of European countries and from 2008 onward these are moving fast towards the US market and it is expected these would be remained successful in winning the confidence of the American people by delivering a notable difference in fuel consumption as well as its driving enjoyment.  

The creation of Smart Car’s Idea
Mr. Nicolas Hayek, CEO of Swatch watches put an idea to develop a smart but a stylish car which is to be closed to the usual car because he considered that the automotive industry is losing the huge share of potential customer by not being introduced a smart car which should be affordable for common consumer in terms of price and fuel consumption. He took an initiative and implemented on a smart car idea titling ‘Swatchmobile” under the expertise of Hayek Engineering AG.
Earlier on he made a contract with ‘Volkswagen’ for developing a small car project but he did not achieve the goal because Volkswagen was keen to introduce by own ‘three liter car’ project – a car which consumes 3 liters per 100 K.M. Then he approached to the BMW, Fiat, General Motors and Renault for Swatchmobile project but they refused on implementing the plan. After several attempts he reached on a contract with the Daimler-Benz AG the maker of Mercedes-Benz Cars with the joint venture of investment 50 million Swiss Francs by SMH and the remaining 49% portion of Dailmer-Benz for creating a hybrid electric car project.
With the joint collaboration of Swatch Company and Diamler-Benz, the first company’s made car was appeared at the Frankfurt Motor show in 1997 under the title name of Micro Compact Car (MCC).
Presently smart is the part of Daimler Chrysler’s Mercedes Group.
Features as per Company’s website:
The company’s website illustrates that Smart Car’s fortwo model contains 1.0 L, 71 HP, 3-cylinder engine with five-speed manual transmission, its clutch is computer controlled and changing needs tapping the gear lever, some passion coupe and passion cabriolet models also attribute a landscaped roof, changeable top, a leather steering wheel and heated seats. A finest sound system is existed with the passion coupe model only. An extra quality which differentiates the smart car is its competency in fuel consumption. The fortwo model can run in excess of 30 miles each 1 gallon in the city and more than 40 miles per gallon on the highway.
The Attractive advantages of Smart Car
Less Fuel consumption

The first and foremost quality of the Smart Car that compelled to the people to buy it - is its fuel or gas mileage. Some of its owners give their opinion that the Smart car can easily achieve the 75 mpg.

 Safe andDurable

According to the Green Car Magazine, in 2008 the Smart Car had achieved the best possible rating for front and side crash protection from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the 2nd superior rating for back crash protection. An electronic preventing system is an additional aspect of all the Smart Cars.

Easier while in Parking:
The city cope (Fortwo) smart car having 8 feet, 2.5 inches long, below 5feet wider and around 5 feet tall. So instead of parallel parking in a row with other cars, Smart car can easily back right up to the limit. Smart car can easily fit into any usual parking space and could be pulled out without creating any hurdle.

Environmental Friendly
Smart cars are not only giving financial advantages to a person whether these also discharges fewer polluted elements in the air, in this way these are protected to the environment condition as compare to any other vehicle.  

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Is Russel Armstrong’s Suicide a lesson for the Businessmen?

Thursday, 18 August 2011
The alienate husband of the Taylor Armstrong was found dead in his home which is situated at Mulholland Drive, Los Angles after committing suicide in his bedroom. According to the Police sources the 47 years old man was found dead after being committing suicide through a clear and visible hanging in his apartment. However there was no solid or documented proof has been found out the reasons of the suicide.

According to the latest information Armstrong was trying to settle his differences with his wife who had already filed a case in the Family Court for separation from her husband since July 15, 2011. The marriage was ended only within 6 years. Taylor had accused Armstrong of physically torture and abused. She also demanded her husband for spousal and child support expenses.

On an instance Armstrong had given opinion about his deteriorating marriage life and said, ‘I don’t want to give any bad impression and not to convey wrong message that we are the bitter enemies’. I have tried my best to resolve my disputes with my wife but unfortunately at the end we both are reached on a point that we could not live together for a longer period and we must have to take a decision so we decided to separate from each other. Of course it was a very difficult situation but we have taken a decision for the best interest of my family and single daughter, who is just five years old. After the end of our marriage life our daughter would be our first priority.

Russel Armstrong was an American banker and a businessman who got wealth of worth $1M through the biggest deals with almost 200 companies. He was the founding Managing Director of Crescent Financial Partner. Along with his wife he was appeared on the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Russel Armstrong was also very disappointed over his debt problem which has been mounted about $10M while his real and existing assets were about $ 50,000 only and his credit cards were also declined into a restaurant.

The MyMedicalRecords.com had also filed a case against Russel Armstrong of making corruption and violating the terms and conditions of the agreements. According to the Richards Russel was trying very hard to maintain his lifestyle and the past couple had frequently attend weekly social events, the dinners etc consequently he had to pay huge amounts on that occasion hence he came under the heavy burden of debt. Taylor Armstrong’s $60,000 was spent on a birthday party of her daughter was marked in an episode of “Real Housewives’. Also Taylor desired to be closed to their daughter 5 years old Kennedy.

It is said that most probably the debt burden could be one of his suicide cause. Absolutely  not some of Russel closed friends have thought that the debt problem is not only a single reason of his suicide but his troubled family life was the biggest reason of his death.
Why people take their life by self?

Almost all the religions i.e. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are equally condemned to the acts of suicide but its affects are varies from its conditions, culture and beliefs. Suicide act has been considered as a mental illness, whenever a person can’t solve their problems in any way and he thinks that death is the last option. Some societies take to the suicide attempt as a crime and in some societies suicide attempts have been adopted only for pointing out their demands. Someone take his life by self to highlight their voice to the superior authorities, hunger strike is the example of this type of suicide. ‘Suicide attack” is another type when the attacker thinks that his opponents are of more powerful than his strength.

Almost 1 million people globally commit suicide every year and at least 10 to 20 million people are attempted for suicide. Only in the United States more than 30,000 people have been killed themselves reportedly every year in which the younger generations are on the top position. Mostly the causes of committing suicide in younger generations are ‘indulged in love’ lack of money and personal social issues. In the US the boys between 15 to 19 years age commit suicide twice as often as their female takes in. Boys 20 to 24 years old commit suicide ten times as often as women their age.

Gay, lesbians are on added hazards for thinking about and attempting suicide as compared to the heterosexual youngsters. 

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Friday, 12 August 2011

How ‘Nancy Wake’ used her tactics against Nazi’s in WWII

Friday, 12 August 2011

Nancy Grace Augusta Wake – one of the highly decorated Allied secret agents of World War II has passed away in London in the age of 98 years.
Nancy Wake was born on 30th August 1912 in Roseneath, Wellington, Newzeland. When Wake’s age was just 2 years old her parents migrated and then settled in Sydney, Australia, later on her father returned to Newzeland and he did not come back to Sydney again, hence Wake rose in Sydney Australia. 
In the age of 16 years she escaped from her home and worked as a nurse for some time. She received 200 pounds with the will of her aunt and the money was spent on traveling to New York and then London. Here she got trained herself as a journalist afterwards in a while she worked as a journalist for Hearst Newspaper as a European correspondent. She was one of the main eyes witnessed of the World War II, who observed the escalation of Adolf Hitler and Nazis as well as she observed the atrocities of the Nazi’s forces towards Jews, blacks and the protestors on the street of Paris and Vienna. In 1933, being a journalist she interviewed Adolf Hitler in Vienna and then she took a decision to fight against his prejudice which he had against the Jews.
On November 30, 1939 she got married with French richest entrepreneur ‘Henri Edmond”, the newlywed couple was residing at Marseille, when German forces occupied France. In 1940 after the defeat of France, she became a herald for the French Resistance – a French Guerilla fighting group that was launched against German under the authority of Captian Ian Garrow. From here Wake’s life was entered into a defining moment and she had to show her audacity and heroism for liberty and she done well by providing full support regarding intelligence sharing or weapons supplying to the French Resistance.
In 1944, she joined British Special Operations and was parachuted into France delivering weapons to French Resistance fighters. She designed a cooperative link between London and local Maquis group which was fought under the command of Captain Henri Tardivat. The leaders of French Resistance were very concerned about Wake’s dangerous mission because her life was always on risk and the Gestapo (German Secret Service) was tapping her phone calls and creating hurdles in her daily mail.
The Gestapo also called her as a nickname the ‘White Mouse’.
From April 1944 to the complete independence of France her 7,000 Maquisards, 22,000 SS soldiers fought against Nazis forces with full courage and they severely damaged their installation as well as their soldiers. Once her French colleague admired her fighting determination with full demonstration and told that once she killed a SS guard by pushing her hand’s fingers on his throat only because of that he was moving up the fears during a raid. Another time replacing codes, her wireless operator had been enforced to tear down in a German attack Wake had to ride a bicycle for at least 800 KM throughout various German checkpoints.  
Once Wake had said during wartime “Freedom is my only objective and if I assassinated in an attempt by the enemies obtaining freedom that didn’t not matter because without freedom there is no mean to live’.
At the end of the World War II she was awarded by the French government with highest prestigious award the Legion D’Honneur, George Medal from UK and Medal of Freedom from the United States but she was not awarded with a single medal by the Australian or Newzeland government. She joined the British Air Ministry in its intelligence department and she was remained attach with the British Embassies in France and Prague.
In 1957 she took another chance for her marriage and she got married with an English Ex-Raf fighter Pilot John Melvin.
She made several efforts to win the parliament seat in Australia but she could not be succeeded.
She wrote her an autobiography’s book titling “The White Mouse” which was one of the best selling books of that time.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Itzhak Perlman – an encouraging voice for Special Persons

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Itzhak Perlman, a well known American violinist, virtuoso and a musician, who was hit by a severe attack of Polio, when his age was just four years, consequently he became disabled person. Perlman is a brave, optimistic person, in the critical part of his life he did not show any frustration at all and prove himself as a great artist and a greater man.

Now he can also walk properly with the help of crutches and wheelchair during his performances. By taking support from these helpers he got a reasonable recovery. He also uses electric Amigo scooter for the activity and plays violin while being seated. He is known a marvelous Artist of the 20thcentury.

Itzhak Perlman was born on August 31, 1945 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Historically the city was the part of British Palestine. Earlier on he was attracted by the violin due to listen several classical music programs at Radio. Perlman learnt musical education from Shulamit Conservatory and the Academy of Music in Tel Aviv before migrating to the US. Afterwards he went to the US for the study at Juilliard School from the great violin teacher Ivan Galamian and his assistant Dorothy DeLay.
Presently Perlman is completely resided in the US along with his five children. His wife Toby is also a skilled classical violinist.

Itzhak Perlman’s first performance was initiated at Carnegie Hall in 1963, where he won the impressive Leventritt Competition. In 1970 he gave a guest appearance in the American Television shows like “The Tonight Show” and “Sesame Street”. Perlman also performed on a different occasions at the White House events. In 1990 Perlman showed his talent in several musical concerts hosted by Soviet Union government and the shows were held at Masco and Leningrad. At the time of 150th anniversary celebration of Tchaikovsky in Leningard, Perlman jointly performed with the great artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Jessye Norman, Isaac Stern and Yuri Temirkanov. On June 2007, a US state dinner was arranged in the honor of Queen Elizabeth II, Perlman gave an unforgettable performance during the entertainment session.

He also performed at the inaugurating ceremony of President Barack Obama with the famous artists Yo-Yo Ma (cello), Gabriela Montero (piano) and Anthony McGill (clarinet).

Presently various students at a master level are taking musical classes from him at Perlman Music Program on Long island New York. Besides he is also teaching music classes at community centre in Be’er Sheba, Israel.

Perlman gains several awards, few are below:
Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music Performance
The “Medal of Liberty” which was awarded by President Reagan in 1986
Grammy Award for best International Soloists performance (with orchestra)
Grammy Award for best International Soloists performance (without orchestra)
Grammy award for best Classical Album
“National Medal of Arts” by President Bill Clinton
Helping Activities
Perlman also takes part in great struggles which have been purely established for the disable and special persons. Perlman wants that some constitutional amendments should be formulated for the disable persons through this they can take easy approach to the buildings and transportation sources.
Perlman is the active member of the Rotary international Organization which is engaged in eliminating Polio disease from the whole world. Rotary International is providing great help to deliver the Polio vaccine on an international level. With the excellent struggles of Rotary International a notable decrease has been appeared in polio. Rotary is also endeavoring to eradicate the Polio completely in most the troubled countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to cure Acne in a simplest and Natural way?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Acne is an awful allergic disorder that creates due to the additional production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. It may disturb the one’s personality because Acne most commonly appears on a facial position so the person feels shyness and lack of confidence and struggles to eliminate it instantly.
Thousands of products are being sold in the market for treating acne, but the younger generations those are mostly sufferers by the acne don’t have any useful information about the suitable and effective acne’s products. A massive range of expensive products are available in the market, in these circumstances choosing a right and effective product has become a difficult task.
In these condition natural remedies methods should be tried out for the treatment of Acne as a substitute. Initially the simple and natural remedies could be started as:
o       Take a plenty of fluids including drink 8 glasses of water each day which prevent your skin from dryness and reduce the toxins, acids which creates acne.
o       Don’t burst or touch to your pimples because it leaves blackish scars. Change your pillow and bed sheets by time to time because your collective oil from your face and hair touches to the pimples and create irritation and acne running off.
o       Orange and its juice intake are another beneficial method which prevents from acne and pimples indeed. Orange is an anti-oxidant fruit which is certainly better for skin, also Vitamin C, potassium, thiamine are also found in it which are much helpful for treating acne. Its peel’s acidic water has the ability to treat acne and its scars afterward.
o       You can grind its peel with little amount of water and can apply it as facial mask. If you want to rub its peel directly on pimples then it rub very softly so that the bleeding pimples not to be damaged. However you should avoid eating of sufficient oranges because experts say sugar which is found in orange can irritate your acne, but its peel are very helpful to reduce acne’s affects.
o       You can add orange peel with apple and some quantity of petroleum jelly and blend these together; a substitute face cream will be ready.

o       Baking Soda – to treat acne by natural remedies you can try to baking soda certainly. Simply take a rag and little amount of baking soda and rub it softly on the acne affected areas for few seconds then wash off the baking soda and towel scars your face dry.
Egg white is the rich source of protein and has the ability to soak up oil from your skin and can heal your skin. You just smash an egg white and apply its material on your face about twenty minutes and then wash it off. This method is also beneficial for acne.
Neeem’s leaves are also beneficial method for treating acne. Neem’s leaves are the component of anti-bacterial which get rid of all complication of skin disorders. If you can use Neem soap and its facial wash on regular basis acne will be remove shortly.
Aloe Vera: One of the famous methods which use people usually, which has the ability to prevent acne scars and spots. You can rub softly into your skin and allow it go through into your pores for few minutes afterward wash your face. You can see excellent results because alo vera has numerous nutrients in it and has the power to clean your skin.

o       Oatmeal is also beneficial for absorbing unnecessary oil from your skin. You just cook oatmeal as you do regularly and wait for it to cool off then rub cooked oatmeal on your affected area of acne. After some time wash off his face with lukewarm water. This method will your better results if your use it regularly.
Tea tree oil is another natural cure for acne. You can trace from drug stores at household section. Basically the tea tree oil will eradicate all affects of all type of bacteria from your skin.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Lady Diana - The real Princes of Heart's

Friday, 22 July 2011

Diana Spencer – Princes of Wales was born at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, United Kingdom. She was one of the youngest daughters from three of John Spencer (later the 8th Earl Spencer) and his first wife Frances Spencer. Her father was of English descent and added up the 1st Duke of Marlborough amid his ancestors, while her mother was of English and Irish descent and she was the daughter of the 4th Baron Fermoy. Diana had two older sisters Sara, Jane and a younger brother Charles.

Diana was just seven year old when her parents were separated by divorce after severe bitterness and because of her mother having a love affair with a married man.  Primarily Diana lived with her mother in an apartment of London’s Knightsbridge, where Diana got admission in a local school.  Later on Lord Spencer won the court battle and then Diana came into the custody of her father. In the meanwhile Frances’s mother criticized her own daughter as “unfit mother”. Subsequently her mother got married with her companion Peter Shan Kydd and went to the island of Seil on the west coast of Scotland. Hereafter Diana was grown by her father but did regularly visit to her mother. In July 1976 her father followed the path of his wife and having an affair with a married woman, Raine, countless of Dartmouth, who was the single daughter of Alexander McCorquodale and Barbara Cartland. Neither Diana parents had any children from their second marriage nor did Diana live with together with her step mother or father.
Diana’s early education was started at SilfieldSchool, Kings Lynn, Norfolk and at Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk and then The New School at West Health in Sevennoaks, Kent, where she reviewed as a poor student and twice she was not succeeded in her O’Level exams. However she showed her interest in music as pianist. In 1977 at the age of 16, she left West Health and finally attended Institute Alpin Videmanett, Switzerland, during these days she first met her future husband who was then came to meet her elder sister Lady Sarah. In the age of 17 Diana moved to London living in her mother flat. She lived there until 1981 with three flat mates because her mother spent most her time in Scotland.  Diana was quite sharp in swimming, diving and she was to be a professional ballerina with Royal Ballet. At her mother advice she made her advanced cooking course but she never became a skilled cook and worked first as dance director for youth. Afterward she got a job as playgroup assistant. Diana also spent time working as a nanny for the American families living in London.
Diana Engagement and Marriage
Diana and Prince Charles engagement became official on 24th Feb. 1981 and Diana chosen a ring of £30,000 which was designed by the Royal Family Jeweler Garrad, comprising upon 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire alike to her mother engagement ring. The same ring was used at the engagement ceremony of Kate Middleton, the fiancée of Diana elder son Prince William in 2010. Diana marriage was took place on 29th July 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral which was globally telecasted for 750 million people while about 600,000 people were gathered in lines to see the glimpse of Diana Wedding ceremony. Diana wore a dress amounting to £ 9000 with a 25-foot (8-metre) train. The Wedding cake was prepared by Belgian pastry chef, S.G Sender, who was renowned as a cake-maker of Royal Families.  

On 21st June 1982 Diana gave a birth of Prince Charles’s first son and successor Prince William at Wale at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. Her second son Harry was born about two year after on 15 September 1984. Diana declared that she and Prince Charles were closest during Prince Herry’s pregnancy. Diana was aware about the second baby was a male but she did not share the news with anybody including Prince Charles.
The relationship between Prince and Princes of Wales soon become weakened within five years and a constant presence of Camilla Parker-Bowles. Besides this the allies of Charles spoke bluntly both in public and off the record against Diana and blames that she was not stable and reliable. Although Lady Diana and Prince Charles had effectively separated by the end of 1980 the Prince was living in Highgrove while the Princes Living in KensingtonPalace. Officially in December 1992 the then UK Prime Minister John Major declared in British Parliament about the formal separation of royal couple.  At last the marriage was ended in divorce on 28th August 1996. After one year Princes Diana was killed in car crash incident in Paris along with her friend Dodi Fayd and driver Henri Paul.  Prince Charles announced that Diana was no longer the member of Royal family and her funeral responsibility should be made by her blood relatives, the Spencers.  

Welfare Works of Princes Diana
From the middle of 1980 Princes Diana became attached with so many charity organizations. She was visited to the hospitals, school in previous two decades model of royal support.  Diana launched a special campaign for the awareness of serious diseases such AIDS and Leprosy.  Princes Dina went to Pakistan for much time for Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan’s establishing cancer hospital campaign of fund raising. During her last year she was providing highly support to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, because of this campaign she was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 after her death. 

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How can Dietary Fibers provide help for living Long Life?


Dietary Fibers are commonly contained on body’s friendly ingredients that maintain the dietary level and protect from hazardous diseases. Quite often the people don’t prefer it in front of the spicy and junk foods.All the natural cereals such as whole grain breads, beans, fruits, vegetables and nuts are the rich sources of dietary fibers.
About 15 grams of dietary fiber is required to every individual for each day however the doctors recommend at least 38 grams for man, 25 grams for woman and 14 grams for making 1000 calories. It is considered that the Americans take almost 11 grams of dietary fibers with an average of each day.
How many types of dietary fibers are recommended? There are two types of fibers – Soluble Fibers can easily dissolve in water. It make commonly to the carbohydrates which includes three more ordinary carbohydrates. The fruits like apples, bananas, berries and some sort of vegetables are the main sources of Soluble Fibers.
Insoluble fibers are generally produced by the plant’s cell wall and it could not be dissolve in water. The foods of whole wheat, nuts, seeds, and the skin of some fruits and vegetables including its leaves are the main sources of insoluble fibers. These dietary fibers have substantial benefits for digestive system which prevent from constipation and provide help for the easiness of bowl movement.

To examine the dietary fiber’s benefits on human body a long and detailed study has been conducted under the joint collaboration of National Institutes of Health and AARP in which more than 380,000 adult participants had been included whose ages were varied from 50 to 70 years old. It was asked through a questionnaire to fill all their eating habits and underline how many approximate about 100 and above food items that they regularly eaten? After about nine years more than 30,000 contestants had died. The reasons were searched and the causes of the deaths amongst deceased persons were also traced by the experts of the study. The experts had noticed to all the reasons such as the deceased person’s weight, smoking habits including their overall health condition.
Through the study report a significant lower death rate was observed amongst the persons those had eaten dietary fiber’s foods as compared to other foods
Undoubtedly Dietary fibers have so many benefits for the people which have been proved by the labs.
Below are some others and the heavy advantages of dietary fibers.
  • Dietary fibers prevent from diabetes, heart diseases which are the most common and risky diseases.
  • Dietary fibers provide favorable help against all types of cancer.
  • Its usage is very beneficial in maintaining a balanced cholesterol level and to control high blood pressure.
  • Dietary Fibers are the easiest way to weight loses.
  • It has the ability to discharge any kind of poison from the body.
  • It provides strength to the women against breast cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer.
  • It has very useful effects to protect from pneumonia and flue.

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