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Monday, 18 July 2011

Candy Spelling's Luxurious House "CandyLand Mansion" sold out at $85m

Monday, 18 July 2011
Finally the World’s most Luxurious residence “CandyLand Mansion” which was under the ownership of Candy Spelling has been sold out at $85m to a 22 years old British national Petra Eccleston, who is the daughter of sports billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and former Armani model Slavica. Petra Ecclestone will use this lavish residence as a part time residence after getting married with James Stunt, who is one of the largest industrialists.

Two years ago Candy Spelling the owner of this house had demanded about $ 150 million and ultimately she has to accept the bid of $85 million after evaluating the crisis in the US housing sector.  
The home was built up in 1990 - a huge residence in South California which is situated on 4.7 acres in the elite Holmby Hills area of Los Angles. The house has comprised upon about 56,500 square foot having 123 rooms, about 14 bed rooms, many gift wrapping rooms and on-site beauty salon, a bowling alley and 17,000 square foot upper floor. A place near about for 100 vehicles has been reserved for parking area.

The previous owner of the massive house Candy Spelling is the widow of TV producer Aaron Spelling and the mother of the renowned actress Tori Sprlling and Randy Spelling both were entered in showbiz field in their teenager’s time. They have performed in several of Aaron’s production most remarkable in Beverly Hills. 90210.


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