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Friday, 22 July 2011

Lady Diana - The real Princes of Heart's

Friday, 22 July 2011

Diana Spencer – Princes of Wales was born at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, United Kingdom. She was one of the youngest daughters from three of John Spencer (later the 8th Earl Spencer) and his first wife Frances Spencer. Her father was of English descent and added up the 1st Duke of Marlborough amid his ancestors, while her mother was of English and Irish descent and she was the daughter of the 4th Baron Fermoy. Diana had two older sisters Sara, Jane and a younger brother Charles.

Diana was just seven year old when her parents were separated by divorce after severe bitterness and because of her mother having a love affair with a married man.  Primarily Diana lived with her mother in an apartment of London’s Knightsbridge, where Diana got admission in a local school.  Later on Lord Spencer won the court battle and then Diana came into the custody of her father. In the meanwhile Frances’s mother criticized her own daughter as “unfit mother”. Subsequently her mother got married with her companion Peter Shan Kydd and went to the island of Seil on the west coast of Scotland. Hereafter Diana was grown by her father but did regularly visit to her mother. In July 1976 her father followed the path of his wife and having an affair with a married woman, Raine, countless of Dartmouth, who was the single daughter of Alexander McCorquodale and Barbara Cartland. Neither Diana parents had any children from their second marriage nor did Diana live with together with her step mother or father.
Diana’s early education was started at SilfieldSchool, Kings Lynn, Norfolk and at Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk and then The New School at West Health in Sevennoaks, Kent, where she reviewed as a poor student and twice she was not succeeded in her O’Level exams. However she showed her interest in music as pianist. In 1977 at the age of 16, she left West Health and finally attended Institute Alpin Videmanett, Switzerland, during these days she first met her future husband who was then came to meet her elder sister Lady Sarah. In the age of 17 Diana moved to London living in her mother flat. She lived there until 1981 with three flat mates because her mother spent most her time in Scotland.  Diana was quite sharp in swimming, diving and she was to be a professional ballerina with Royal Ballet. At her mother advice she made her advanced cooking course but she never became a skilled cook and worked first as dance director for youth. Afterward she got a job as playgroup assistant. Diana also spent time working as a nanny for the American families living in London.
Diana Engagement and Marriage
Diana and Prince Charles engagement became official on 24th Feb. 1981 and Diana chosen a ring of £30,000 which was designed by the Royal Family Jeweler Garrad, comprising upon 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire alike to her mother engagement ring. The same ring was used at the engagement ceremony of Kate Middleton, the fiancée of Diana elder son Prince William in 2010. Diana marriage was took place on 29th July 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral which was globally telecasted for 750 million people while about 600,000 people were gathered in lines to see the glimpse of Diana Wedding ceremony. Diana wore a dress amounting to £ 9000 with a 25-foot (8-metre) train. The Wedding cake was prepared by Belgian pastry chef, S.G Sender, who was renowned as a cake-maker of Royal Families.  

On 21st June 1982 Diana gave a birth of Prince Charles’s first son and successor Prince William at Wale at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. Her second son Harry was born about two year after on 15 September 1984. Diana declared that she and Prince Charles were closest during Prince Herry’s pregnancy. Diana was aware about the second baby was a male but she did not share the news with anybody including Prince Charles.
The relationship between Prince and Princes of Wales soon become weakened within five years and a constant presence of Camilla Parker-Bowles. Besides this the allies of Charles spoke bluntly both in public and off the record against Diana and blames that she was not stable and reliable. Although Lady Diana and Prince Charles had effectively separated by the end of 1980 the Prince was living in Highgrove while the Princes Living in KensingtonPalace. Officially in December 1992 the then UK Prime Minister John Major declared in British Parliament about the formal separation of royal couple.  At last the marriage was ended in divorce on 28th August 1996. After one year Princes Diana was killed in car crash incident in Paris along with her friend Dodi Fayd and driver Henri Paul.  Prince Charles announced that Diana was no longer the member of Royal family and her funeral responsibility should be made by her blood relatives, the Spencers.  

Welfare Works of Princes Diana
From the middle of 1980 Princes Diana became attached with so many charity organizations. She was visited to the hospitals, school in previous two decades model of royal support.  Diana launched a special campaign for the awareness of serious diseases such AIDS and Leprosy.  Princes Dina went to Pakistan for much time for Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan’s establishing cancer hospital campaign of fund raising. During her last year she was providing highly support to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, because of this campaign she was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 after her death. 


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