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Thursday, 7 July 2011

What is the quick therapy of constant Leg Cramps?

Thursday, 7 July 2011
Leg cramping you can pronounce it a shocking and sudden trouble. Whenever you are taking enjoyment from a sensational sleep at night suddenly you feel a harsh pain in your leg and you are awaked up. At that time you feel that your leg’s muscles are tightened by a severe pain and if you try to make in a straight line or moving around you can’t do so. After some time your leg’s muscles are come into a relaxed position giving shocking pain to your muscles. The process of muscle’s tightening is remained in a continuous position up to 5 to 10 minutes and then it is calmed down.  Besides the leg cramping, the muscles of hand and arms are also cramped but it occur usually in very few cases.

 Yet muscles cramping is considered as a harmless problem. The complaint of leg cramping is very common and it is found in adults as well as in children. The risk of having leg cramps rises with age. Pregnant women also have a greater chance of experiencing night leg cramps.
 The people that they have felt continuous cramping complaint must consult with the doctors. However in an exceptional circumstances night leg cramps can be linked with an underlying disorder like peripheral artery disease or diabetes. Restless leg disorders are sometimes mixed up with night leg cramps but it is different condition and pain is not a well known aspects. Restless leg disorders are a possibility to think if you are feeling leg cramps continuously at night.

The common reason of leg cramping is not clear however the people who are remained in a sitting position with similar posture and their legs are laid down without any movement, are generally hit by the leg cramping. The electro light and digestive system of the body are not working properly; the leg cramping complaint is also created. The complaints of cramping are also observed in those people who are affected by the dehydration and their bodies are discharging an additional quantity of magnesium and potassium through urine. A gland parathyroid which maintains the level of calcium according to need of the body, the muscles are also cramped if a defect is occurred in that glands. It is also examined that the cramps of hand or arms is occurred because of a defect in parathyroid glands. The medicines which are commonly used to control Cholesterol level and preventing the toxic effects of stomach can create cramping complaint. Sometimes the pain which is occurred by the diabetes due to muscles tightness is considered a cramped pain.

How could leg cramps pain be reduced?
·         Leg cramping problem could be handled without medicine.

·         You can prevent from this problem if you are involved in the muscles stretching exercises which are on a regular basis and perform softly. Don’t exercise forcefully before just going to sleep.

·         When the muscles are tightened due to cramping you should try with courage to make straight or making massage on those muscles.

·         The pain could be reduced by applying an ice massage for a few minutes.

·         Some people having cramping complaints have been advised by the doctors with vitamin B complex tablets for preventing the complaints.

·         Dehydration is a major cause of cramps so you should take plenty of water as a minimum three full glasses of water besides the intake that you are taken in the form of juices, tea etc., before going to sleep. By this your muscles may come into a relaxed condition.

·         Massaging on sore muscles with essential oils is the perfect way to reduce the risks of cramps. It will solve the cramps problem completely.

·         Take a hot shower for bath and relax the muscles


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